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Cabarete, Dominican Republic
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We work only with the best and most reputable schools. If you do not see a package that suits you please send us an email and we will get back to you with the best prices in Cabarete! The Casa Blanca has a history going back 20 years of working with Surfers and Windsurfers and 15 years with Kite Surfers. World champions and judges have stayed with us and recommend the Casa Blanca!



      Option A


Kiteboarding School and Rental Center


Beginner package 2 days -5 hours of lessons for $180

Advanced lessons for $50 per hour available in 7 languages

Complete gear kite rental $35 per hour or $55 per day


Locker Rental For Your Equipment


$5  a day $25 a week or  $50 a month


Option B


4 days – 2 hours per day

$460 Private or $425 each for a group of two

This intensive 4 day course will turn anyone into a safe and confident kite-boarder.


Day One: Trainer Kites

The key to kiteboarding is flying kites and this lesson is designed to teach you how. By spending a bit of extra time in the beginning getting your kite skills dialed, you will save yourself much struggling once you are in the water with the board and the kite.


Day Two: Power Kites

Feel the power provided by Best leading edge inflatable kites. Learn the terms (like leading edge inflatable) necessary for a successful adventure in the water. Skills learned include launching, landing, and flying, safety and de-powering the kite, water relaunching, and self rescue.


Day Three: Body Drag

Like Superman or Supergirl, fly through the water and really feel the power of the kite. In the same way you will control the kite for kiteboarding, upwind body dragging is a skill you will use throughout your entire kiteboarding career.


Day Four: Water Start

Now is the moment you have been waiting for! Put those board skills from your other sports to good use and feel the joy of sailing over the ocean like a bird or dolphin.




Advanced Lessons


Description : Price for 2 hours - $100


We have some of the best kiteboarders on the water who are famous for their excellent coaching ability. 2 hours with an Instructor and you are sure to take your kiting to the next level.

Make sure to book in advance as these lessons are very popular!

Each lesson is two hours of intensive advanced coaching.

Riding upwind
Cabarete is the perfect location to get your upwind action dialed!

Toe side riding
Style points…impress your friends…

First jumps
Now the fun of flying really begins

Jumping Higher
Want to learn how to really boost??

Back loops, front loops, double rotations, we can show you how and save you a LOT of crashing.

Arial transitions
Gibing is for windsurfers! Let us show you the fun and easy world of spinning transitions.

Wave riding
Smack the lip and throw a wall sized spray then carve the bottom turns of your dreams!

Advanced tricks
One foot, no foot, handle passes, our top instructors can teach it all


Kite For Fun :


Description : Price - Free

This is a lesson for the big kid in all of us! Re-capture your youth and learn the joy of flying kites.

Using the friendly and fun BEST ram air or foil kites, this is a lesson for everyone. As you experience the rush of kite flying you can actively participate in the fastest growing water sport in the world, a must do for all visitors to Cabarete, the center of the kiteboarding universe!

We are very happy to offer this course as a FREE introduction of kiting to all guests of Casa Blanca Hotel in Cabarete


 WINDSURFING and SURFING DEALS Also Available. Email for details.

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